‘Pint Of Origin’ Pouring Some Of Sprig + Fern’s Finest

Kieran from The Catfish, James from The Crafty Pint, Tracy Banner and Colin Mallon of Sprig and Fern, enjoying a beer at The Catfish in Fitzroy, Melbourne

In addition to fifteen Taverns throughout New Zealand, Sprig + Fern Brewing Co. can – for the next few days – boast a range of taps across the Tasman.

The Brewery has shipped a number of kegs across to Melbourne for ‘Pint of Origin’; an annual event held throughout several bars in Victoria’s capital city. These include Pinner Pilsner, Nectaron® Pale Ale, and the limited release fresh hop beers Monohoppily Fresh Hop Hazy and Harvest Pilsner™.

Amongst others, all four beers will be available tonight at The Catfish, a well-known and loved craft beer bar in the bohemian suburb of Fitzroy. Sprig + Fern’s Owner and Master Brewer, Tracy Banner, will be in attendance – in town for judging of the Australian International Beer Awards.

The event, hosted by The Crafty Pint, runs from May 10 to 19 and features a range of beers from across the globe, being poured in 21 venues across the city. The Catfish is exclusively featuring New Zealand beers across the event’s nine days.

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