Alongside our award-winning core range of craft beers and ciders, we regularly brew small-batches of special limited release beers. These are expertly crafted by our brewing team to make the most of boundary-pushing styles, specialty malts, and seasonal, fresh or experimental hop varieties. 

Often extremely limited in volume, these limited releases are found on tap in Sprig + Fern Taverns, or in cans and bottles online or in select stores nationwide.

Learn more about our limited releases past and present below. And if there’s a style you’d love to see back on tap, let us know!

The tap badge for Sprig and Fern's The G.O.A.T Doppelbock


MAY 2024

Not only has our highest awarded beer had a face lift, it’s got a new medal to match - a Top 30 in the New World Beer & Cider Awards!⁠⁠

This year’s win is the fifth appearance for The G.O.A.T in the #NWBCA - that’s in addition to a further FOURTEEN wins at other national and international beer competitions.

7.9% ABV

The tap badge for Sprig and Fern The Amazing Haze hazy pale ale craft beer.


MAY 2024

Simcoe, Motueka, Nelson Sauvin and Ekuanot hops - terrific on their own, combined to create something sensational.

Bringing together a medley of NZ and US hops to deliver citrus, tropical and stone fruit notes across a sip that's soft, smooth and slightly sweet - think ripe papaya, plump white grapes, gooseberries and freshly zested lime. It says it in the name - amazing!

4.9% ABV

The tap badge for Sprig and Fern's fresh hop Harvest Pilsner craft beer


APRIL 2024

The brew that freshly harvested hop cones dream about being a part of, our world-famous fresh hop pilsner has doubled down on a duo of Riwaka™ and NZH-106 hops; locally picked, lovingly packed, and back to the brew mere minutes after harvesting.

The combo opens with an exquisite resinous note, balanced by a tropical fruit sweetness, twists of ripe citrus peel, and set amongst the backbone of a crisp, dry, and damn-tasty pilsner. One sip and we think you'll agree, this is as fresh as the harvest gets!

5.0% ABV

The tap badge for Sprig and Fern's Monohoppily Fresh Hop Hazy Pale Ale craft beer


MARCH 2024

First came Trifecta, then Duhoppily, now in its third iteration our fresh hop hazy goes all-in on a single hop variety; the fan favourite Riwaka™.

Monohoppily Fresh Hop Hazy is silky-smooth, jam-packed with notes of perfectly sun-ripened grapefruit flesh and citrus peel, and carries an unmistakable and explosive 'green' freshness that'll whisk you right away to the sensory spectacle of a fresh hop harvest.

5.5% ABV

The tap badge for Sprig and Fern's Dias Soleados Mexican Lager



Nothing works up a thirst like sunny days – and our newest limited release is here just in time to keep things quenched!

Dias Soleados is our crisp and refreshing take on the popular Mexican lager style. It's easy on the eyes with an inviting straw-gold colour, and easy-drinking with a satisfying finish and just the right amount of bitterness to boot. Lime slice optional. ¡Salud!

4.5% ABV

The tap badge for Sprig and Fern's Hazy Rays Hazy Pale Ale



Talus and Simcoe from the States, Sauvin and Motueka from our own backyard combine for unmistakable aroma of orange marmalade and juicy mandarin. There's a soft mouthfeel, refreshing flavours of ripe pip fruit with a zesty grapefruit twist, and with a golden haze like the last rays of the day, this is a beer best enjoyed with a side of summer sunshine.

5.3% ABV

The tap badge for Sprig and Fern's Haze of the People 2 craft beer



Our hops for Haze of the People #2, as requested by The People, resulted in the big four: Motueka™, Nectaron®, Nelson Sauvin™, Riwaka™. As quintessentially Kiwi as they come.

You set up the pins, our brew team knocked 'em down. Picture a pavlova teeming with fresh fruit - juicy satsuma, ripe pineapple and plump stone fruit - this is a pillow soft, silky and sessionable hazy pale ale, perfect for the summer.

5.1% ABV

The tap badge for Wai-iti Ultra Session Lager



Back by popular demand, a beer that’ll see you right all summer long.

Despite the relaxed ABV, Wai-iti Ultra Session Lager brings full flavour with a crisp finish and medium-body. The Wai-iti™ hops will quench any thirst with a refreshing splash of freshly-squeezed lime and stone fruit. Just the thing after a day of salt, sand and sunshine.

3.2% ABV

The tap badge for Sprig and Fern's Nect Level Hazy Pale Ale with Nectaron® Cryo Hops™



We’re flattered that NZ Hops Ltd have entrusted us with the first shipment of Nectaron® CRYO™ to land on New Zealand shores.

The aromas and flavours explode out of this brew, with bold passionfruit, peach and grapefruit front-and-centre, sent straight to your senses. The CRYO™ pellets bring out something extra too, adding in an herbaceous hit and a pip fruit sweetness, complemented by a pillowy and juicy mouthfeel that really rounds out the experience.

This is everything you love about Nectaron®, taken to the Nect Level.

5.4% ABV

Tap badge for Sprig and Fern's Encore ft NZH-106 NZIPA with trial NZ Hops



The show ain't over yet... NZH-106 is back for an encore!

Headliner, the first beer in NZ to use the 'future rockstar' experimental hop, rocketed to stardom as a limited release in June. Now it brings a re-tuned recipe and a fresh outfit, but the same sensory ensemble that made it a best-seller.

This Bract Brewing beer brings huge fruit salad, tropical and citrus notes to the setlist, with a pleasant bitterness and toastiness playing in support.

6.1% ABV

The tap badge for Sprig and Fern's Hidden Gem Hazy limited release beer containing Bract Brewing trial hop NZH-104



Hidden amongst the bines, experimental hop NZH-104 seems to emit an aura of its own. Or maybe that’s just its unmistakable aroma.

Either way, we were stoked to receive a shipment of NZH-104 from our friends at NZ Hops Ltd, and immediately unloaded it in to this limited release hazy. It’s grassy and resin-packed, with pine notes balanced by an unmistakable tropical and stone fruit sweetness. A hidden gem, for sure.

4.9% ABV

The tap badge for Sprig and Fern's Awesome Mix Volume 3 West Coast IPA limited release beer



After two incredibly popular outings, our Awesome Mix West Coast IPA is back once more… with feeling!

We’ve taken a spin on our first two volumes, loading Volume 3 with Citra®, Mosaic® and Talus® hops, cranking the noise on all the notes you expect – crisp citrus peel, sweet tropical and stone fruits, dried flowers, pine resin, and subtle notes of wood and herbs.

6.3% ABV



On 21 September 2023, Tracy Banner, hit her fortieth anniversary of working in the brewing industry.

In a departure from the classic beer styles we're known for, we’ve concocted something a little different; a dark beer that’s been happily aging and spontaneously fermenting in a Pinot Noir barrel in a quiet corner of the Brewery for the past few years. We had a field day picking the notes on this one – from raisins, plums and berry fruits, to spice, whiskey, oak and sherry. No doubt there’s plenty more to be discovered by the discerning palate!

9.6% ABV

Sprig and Fern's Smoked Bock tap badge



A campfire, in early spring?! Nope, that's the enrapturing aroma of Sprig + Fern's Smoked Bock, back on tap four years after winning gold at the Brewers Guild of NZ Beer Awards.

Mānuka smoked malt brings a distinctive aroma and flavour to our German-style bock, balanced by a robust, malty sweetness and leaving behind an unmistakably ashy aftertaste. This is the marshmallow you left hovering over the flames a little too long.

6.4% ABV

The artwork for Sprig and Fern's limited release beer, Haze of the People



We handed over the hop selection for our next hazy to you, the People, and you didn't disappoint. By far, our most requested hops were these three heavy hitters of the aroma and flavour front; Citra®Nectaron® and Nelson Sauvin™!

We're fizzing over this combination. Expect a gooseberry and citrus-heavy tang balanced by juicy stone fruit, pineapple and passionfruit sweetness. A fruit salad for the People, as voted by the People.

5.3% ABV

Sprig and Fern's Lock Bock and Barrel limited release tap badge



Fresh off the back of a trophy and gold medal win at the Brewers Guild of NZ Beer Awards, our award-winning traditional bock is back for a limited time!

Lock, Bock & Barrel is a showcase of both light and dark beer, with the smooth drinking and refreshing notes of a typical lager meeting the malt-bomb bock, rich and toasty with hints of caramel and a very subtle note of chocolate.

6.4% ABV

The tap badge for Sprig and Fern's Wintertime Elsewhere Cold IPA beer


JULY 2023

Wintertime here is one thing, but this season we’ve gone all-American with a mix of Yakima Chief Citra® and Sabro®, whisking you away to a Wintertime Elsewhere.

Our Cold IPA brings stone fruit flavours, a hint of herbs and citrus that’s as crisp as fresh fallen snow.

5.9% ABV

The tap badge for Sprig and Fern's Summertime Somewhere Hazy beer


JULY 2023

Our brewing team are bringing big tropical, floral, citrus and stone fruit flavours to our next limited release beer, thanks to a mix of Riwaka™ and a Pink Boots blend of Loral®, HBC 586 & Ekuanot® hops.

Take a sip and step into the sunshine – it’s Summertime Somewhere.

5.1% ABV

Sprig and Fern's wingmate non alcoholic hazy ipa label


JULY 2023

While technically part of our core range, we've added our super-popular non-alcoholic hazy IPA on tap in most Sprig + Fern Taverns for Dry July.

<0.5% ABV

Sprig and Fern's limited release beer 'Headliner feat. NZH-106' NZIPA tap badge


JUNE 2023

Our brewing team has been carefully crafting this NZIPA, the first commercial brew to utilise trial hop NZH-106 of the Bract Brewing Programme.

They've discovered an incredible aroma of fruit salad, with tropical notes and citrus hitting like a kick drum and those same notes playing on the palate. Dr. Ron Beatson called it NZ Hops' 'future rockstar', and he was right on the money – you’ll want an encore.

6.3% ABV


JUNE 2023

With one of our most beloved designs, Day For It Hazy had returned to add a little colour to the winter.

A combination of Mosaic and Motueka hops delivers a hit of herbiness, as well as a platter of crisp citrus, juicy mango, tropical and stone fruit flavours. Forget you're wearing half a dozen layers, this beer adds a little sunshine to any weather!

5.6% ABV

Sprig and Fern's Norty Porter tap badge


MAY 2023

Norty Porter has made a triumphant return to Taverns - not only because it's a delicious drop, but because it's now boasting a Top 30 medal from the New World Beer & Cider Awards!

Our limited release chocolate porter, with it's five specialty malts and cacao nibs, is as luxurious, creamy and more-ish as ever.

But it's the judges who described it best - 'like the liquid form of chocolate mousse'.

5.0% ABV

The tap badge for Sprig and Fern's Autumn Breeze Hazy Pale Ale


may 2023

Do you feel a change in the air? Summer Chill was such a hit, so for a suitably seasonal shift, here comes Autumn Breeze!

Five specialty malts combine for a smooth, sessionable flavour in this 4.8% Hazy Pale Ale, elevated by the combination of Simcoe and Mosaic hops; the massively popular Simcoe bringing stone fruit, pine and citrus zest, and a late hop addition of Mosaic giving fruity and tropical characteristics.

4.8% ABV


APRIL 2023

Superdelic™ packs juicy berry and tropical fruit flavours and aromas, as well as tangy citrus and delectably sweet, candy-like characteristics.

As one of only a few fortunate enough to brew with this new varietal, we’re letting the full flavour shine by only using 100% fresh Superdelic™ hops, harvested from the bine just before brewing. Rest assured, this Fresh Hop Pale Ale really is something Super!

5.8% ABV

Sprig and Fern Harvest Pilsner round artwork


MARCH 2023

The annual pilgrimage to the local hop farms is a major highlight for our brewers, to select and harvest hops for our multi-award-winning Harvest Pilsner™.

This year, we've opted for a marriage of Riwaka and Motueka hop varieties - the perfect hops for Pilsners, oozing tropical and citrus notes and the zest of lime.

5.0% ABV

Duhoppily Fresh Hop Hazy Pale Ale


MARCH 2023

With the local hop farms just a hop skip and a jump away, our brewers jumped in the brewery van and returned with not one but two hop varieties from 2 different farms – Pacifica from New Hoplands and the much sought after Riwaka from Holmdale Farm.

Combine orange zest marmalade with pungent tropical, grapefruit and citrus – a fruit salad in a glass!

5.5% ABV


MARCH 2023

Citra® brings citrus, grapefruit, lime, and tropical fruits. Mosaic offers a complexity with a berry medley aroma, mango, stone fruit, all things tropical, citrus and pine. Add in Sabro, for a distinct tangerine and coconut flavour, where Idaho 7 balances this fruit bowl out with some tangerine zest.

4.9% ABV



At Sprig + Fern Brewing Co., shit loads is an official unit of measure, and that’s how much ginger went into this beer!

Sourced locally, the root ginger has been freshly ground by our brewers on the day of brewing, to add a zinginess to a premium lager base.

Like all-things ginger, Hum Zinger leaves an unmistakeable first impression.
Clean and refreshing, bold and balanced. It finishes with a feisty ginger kick to the tastebuds.

5.0% ABV


Summer Chill Hazy limited release beer label


January 2023

This is the summer-time beer you’ll want to take to BBQs, beaches and backyard cricket. It’s a relaxed 5.1% ABV and is packed full of the lush flavours you want from a hazy.
We’ve chosen a fruity, citrus medley of hops for this brew. Citra has intense tropical fruit flavours and aroma. It brings juicy apricot, passionfruit, peach, lemon and lime to the party. This pairs well with the Idaho Gem™, HBC 630, Talus™, Triumph and Loral® hops, a combination carrying a citrus, mint, berry and sweet bubblegum profile.

5.1% ABV

The tap badge for Wai-iti Ultra Session Lager



‘Tis the season to be merry! So we’ve brewed a beer to go the distance with you. Wai-iti Ultra will help you keep up with all the festivities, with a relaxed ABV.
A refreshing lower-alcohol lager with a crisp finish, Wai-iti Ultra is medium-bodied, with the Wai-iti hops used bringing a splash of freshly squeezed lime and stone fruit.
Light and refreshing, despite the lower abv this is a full flavoured lager.
3.2% ABV




Front Left. It’s a universal phenomenon; at any music festival, it’s the place to be.

Can anyone explain Front Left?  No. Does Front Left need to be explained? Also no. Cause if you know Front Left, you know.

Sabro hops bring a complexity of fruity and citrus flavours to this hazy. Think tangerine, coconut, tropical fruit, and stone fruit aromas. Combine this with the lush, fresh crushed lime citrus of Motueka hops, and Mosaic’s blueberries, mango, guava and papaya, this hazy is a summer lip smacker!

4.8% ABV



Lock, Bock and Barrel at 6.4% is a showcase of both light and dark beer, with the smooth drinking and refreshing notes of a typical lager meeting the malt-bomb bock, rich and toasty with hints of caramel.
Those flavours may sound like a tussle for the tastebuds, but Lock Bock and Barrel is well-balanced, true to style. Subtle notes of chocolate make this Bock a sensory treat.

The visual pun on this beer label explained…
Dating back to the Medieval era, the Bock was originally brewed in the northern town of Einbeck, Germany, during the fourteenth century. History tells us when the bock traveled south to the city of Munich, the subtle differences in language meant the beer from Einbeck began to be known as ein bock, ‘billy goat.’

6.4% ABV

Spéciale Belge


Sprig + Fern Brewing Co’s new Limited Release is a Spéciale Belge, a beer that is steeped in Belgian brewing tradition.
This is a smooth drinking beer, with a rich golden colour from the natural caramelisation of the toasted malts used.
A subtle hop bitterness balances the spicy, clove, honey and biscuit notes.
Light and refreshing, this Spéciale Belge is easy-drinking for summer.
5.2% ABV



Introducing one helluva West Coast IPA.

This Limited Release Westie is a big banging brew. And we’d expect nothing less from the amount of Citra and Mosaic hops that went into it!

Westie has an aggressive bitterness, huge hop aroma, bursting with citrus heavy flavor and just the right amount of sticky pine.  The Citra hops brings an intense citrusy flavor and aroma with apricot, passionfruit, lime, grapefruit and orange.
The Mosaic hop is a match made in heaven - berries, citrus, mango and tropical fruit characteristics.

6.6% ABV



There is more than meets the eye with this Limited Release…
This dark lager is both mischievous and mysterious.
Looks can be deceiving, despite its dark colour this Schwarzbier carries a light roasty flavour, with a toasted sweet finish.
Brewed with a careful selection of dark malts, Jump Scare Schwarzbier is a smooth, and surprisingly refreshing black lager.

4.5% ABV

#104 NZPA


Around here we treat hops like gold and our Master Brewer Tracy Banner is something of a bounty hunter.
This Limited Release NZ Pale Ale is a 5.2% single hopped brew under the Bract Brewers programme using NZH-104.
Tracy is one of very few Master Brewers worldwide given early access to trial hops, and she’s selected NZH-104 from the swag, a gem of a hop.
This experimental hop is a real treasure, bringing aromatics of tropical fruits and passionfruit, with a delicate peach stonefruit flavour.
5.2% ABV



This Limited Release carries the authentic characteristics of a Hefeweizen style. Hefe is a German ‘white beer’ meaning: an unfiltered beer with at least 50% malted wheat.
With aromatics of banana and spice, Hefe is a moderately fruity wheat beer that finishes with a slight tart aftertaste.
5.4% ABV



What do we want? Beer drinking weather!

When do we want it? Now!
We know we are not alone in looking forward to some clear blue skies. More sunshine, more beer, more happy…
Mo’ Hops, Mo’ Hazy is a juicy mash-up of hops and tastes like summer is on the way. The combination of Mosaic and Motueka hops brings citrus, lemon, mango, and tropical fruit characteristics to a chilled out 4.8% hazy pale ale.
High-key juicy, low-key alc/vol, this hazy is sessionable, a beer made for sunshine.

4.8% ABV



Bed of Hops is a tribute to one of the greats; hop grower Kim McGlashen. The McGlashen family have been hop growers since 1900, and were one of the pioneering family businesses in the industry. Five generations later, they’re the last of the ‘originals’, with Kim’s son Brent now in charge.
The tap badge artwork features Kim himself, in a pretty typical position for a hop grower during harvest time. As the hop drying process is one of the most critical stages of harvest, most nights would see the grower catching just a couple of hours kip on a camp bed, keeping a watchful eye on the hops.
This beer also marks our first official brew under the Bract Brewing program by NZ Hops Ltd. Tracy Banner is one of few Master Brewers in the world invited to provide feedback on trial hops and brew experimental beers as part of Bract Brewing.
The trial hop here is NZH-102 – which is punchy, fruity and refreshing, with citrus, sweet and lush berry aromatics.

5.4% ABV



The sirens are screaming and the fires are howling - the 15th annual WCIPA Challenge must be kicking off...

Nothing really rocks, and nothing really rolls – but Beer Out of Hell sure does!

Our brewers have packed citrus, grapefruit, lime, tropical fruit and stone fruit into this WCIPA using big hitting all-American hops, Mosaic, Idaho 7, and Citra.

At 6.66% it is perfectly balanced with bitter, flavour and aroma – this beer is arguably the only thing in this whole world that's pure and good and right.

Like a Beer Out Of Hell, it’ll be gone when the morning comes, so get this on tap or in retail while it lasts…

6.66% ABV


An old school Sprig and Fern Best Bitter tap badge design


JULY 2022

Sprig + Fern Brewing Co.’s multi-award winning Best Bitter is back for a Limited time only. The ‘Best British Ale’ trophy winner at the 2016 Brewer’s Guild of NZ Awards, this will be snapped up by beer aficionados across the country, so get in quick.
A well-known English-style beer, the Bitter earned its name as a hoppier and therefore more bitter counterpart to the typically mild pale ales of its time.
Our Best Bitter has just the right amount of hops, to accent bitterness and give a fruity, earthy aroma, without dominating this malt-driven beer.
The combination of five malts gives this beer the ideal balance of sweetness, providing well rounded toffee and biscuit characteristics.
Amber in colour, Best Bitter finishes with a bitter yet smooth, malty finish.  

4.8% ABV


JULY 2022

One sip of our new Limited Release NZIPA and you’ll be transported straight to the Oast House for a party like no other…
An Oast House or hop kiln is a building designed for kilning hops, where fresh hops are dried prior to being sent off to be pelletised. We managed to swoop in and grab a bale of Waimea hop flowers, grown in Motueka at Mac Hops farm.
Waimea is a banging dual purpose hop, with high alpha, perfect for big beers, whilst carrying a hefty weight of oils with lots of pine and citrus characters.
The Waimea hop flower brings a top quality bitterness with a load of fresh citrus flavour and aromatics. Exactly what we’re after when brewing a big ole NZIPA.

6.5% ABV

Sprig and Fern Norty Porter chocolate porter tap badge


JUNE 2022

It’s dark beer season. And we ain’t mad about it. Our Limited Release Chocolate Porter is everything you want in a winter beer.
Indulgent, dark and a little bit ‘norty’.
Sprig + Fern Brewing Co.’s Norty Porter is brewed with a combination of five speciality malts,  with a luscious chocolate aromatic and flavour with cacao nibs.
This dark and creamy chocolate beer indulgence is smooth and silky to the last drop.

5.0% ABV


JUNE 2022

Brewed with the 2022 speciality Pink Boots hop blend, you can enjoy a pint and also say a big cheers to the gals in the craft beer industry!

What’s the story with the Pink Boots hop blend? Each year the organisation ‘Pink Boots Society’ collaborates with Yakima Chief Hops to make an exclusive Pink Boots Collaboration hops blend. Each kilo sold of these hops to brewers contributes funds for scholarships that support the local Pink Boots chapter and the wider mission; to assist, inspire, and encourage the professional development and education of women in beer.

Our Master Brewer and owner Tracy Banner has brewed craft beer for nearly four decades, and is a long-time Pink Boots NZ member.

‘Yeah the Girls’, featuring hops Idaho Gem™, HBC 630, Talus™, Triumph and Loral®  is ripe with citrus, tropical, sweet and bubblegum aromatics with a lush berry profile.

5.5% ABV


MAY 2022

NightCity Hazy... A utopian pale ale. A melting pot hop sensation. Possessing fantastical aromatics, this is a Sprig + Fern hazy reimagined.
Juicy tropical fruit notes from Idaho 7 hops meet Motueka hops, creating a sensory overwhelm of lemon, lime and dominating citrus.
This fruity, aroma driven hazy peaks with the late addition of Wai-iti hops, bringing freshly squeezed citrus and a heady stonefruit finish.
5.6% ABV


MAY 2022

We reckon this multi-award winning Doppelbock might just be The Greatest of All Time.

The beer judges agree:

2022 Highly Commended NW Beer & Cider Awards
2021 Highly Commended NW Beer & Cider Awards
2021 GOLD Brewers Guild NZ Awards
2019 Top 30 NW Beer & Cider Awards
2019 SILVER Brewers Guild NZ Awards
Australian International Beer Awards
2018 BRONZE Brewers Guild NZ Awards
2016 BRONZE Brewers Guild NZ Award
2013 BRONZE Brewers Guild NZ Awards

Six quality malts give this smooth, full-bodied German-style Doppelbock a dark almost black colour and a rich, dominant malt aroma and sweetness.
It has a warming but soft smooth mouth feel, whilst the aroma is toasted and biscuity with delicate hints of caramel.
8.0% ABV


APRIL 2022

Necta XPA is a juicy Pale Ale brewed with something extra.
Nectaron® hops collected fresh off the bine and added straight into the brew, this is our third fresh hop beer of 2022.
This XPA is light in colour with high drinkability and a vibrant hoppy aroma and finish, thanks to the Nectaron® hops with their intensely tropical, citrus and stonefruit notes.
Hop harvest is a labour of love, as it is all hands on deck to get the hops back to the brewery whilst the clock is ticking on freshness.
With tropical hop varietals like Nectaron® grown here in Nelson-Tasman, and a fresh harvest happening just once per year, the juice is always worth the squeeze.

4.8% ABV

Harvest Pilsner™

march 2022

Sprig + Fern Brewing Co.’s Harvest Pilsner™ needs no introduction. It featured in the 2021 Inaugural Beer Hall of Fame, is multi-award winning and a permanent, popular fixture on the craft beer calendar.
What makes it so special? Each year Tracy visits the hop fields to follow her preferred hop varietals from rootlets to bine, and returns in March, on the day they are harvested. After Tracy collects her fresh green, aromatic hops by hand, she races them back to a waiting brew and in they go.
This year Tracy picked Riwaka™, and Motueka™ hops, chosen for their bold citrus aroma and tropical notes. This combined with the freshness of the hops adds something extra special to this year’s Harvest Pilsner™. This beer has a huge citrus and tropical flavour profile – that unmistakable fresh hop pungency – and a crisp, dry finish.

5.0% ABV

trifecta fresh hop Hazy

march 2022

Trifecta Fresh Hop Hazy, brought to you by Sprig + Fern Brewing Co. Pacifica™ brings aromatic orange zest and citrus to this hazy, working with Taiheke®’s bittering and aromatic qualities to champion the distinctive, freshly crushed citrus aromatics of Motueka™.

Each year we race against the clock to bring fresh hops from the farm, to our waiting brew. How fresh are they? The hop farms are 15-25 minutes away from Sprig + Fern Brewing Co. Tracy Banner can do the drive in 12..ish…! (we know all the locals only back roads ).

5.5% ABV




Awesome Mix Vol. 2

February 2022

A good sequel is hard to come by, but if you like West Coast IPAs and getting caught in the rain, then Awesome Mix Vol.2 from Sprig + Fern Brewing Co. is the beer for you…

Our brew team have packed citrus, grapefruit, lime, tropical fruit and stone fruit into this WCIPA using heavy hitting hops Idaho 7 and Citra. At 6.7% it is perfectly balanced with bitter, flavour and aroma.

6.7% ABV

Beast Brew Hazy

February 2022

Beware of flocculating yeast, if the beer ain’t hazy… you’ll wake the beast.
Beast Brew Hazy, at 5.6% is the work of something wicked. Behind the foggy appearance of this Limited Release hazy lies the beast, who stalks the brewer at every turn, craving the unfiltered, a cloudy beer with a juicy, citrus bite.
Giving in to the temptation of turbidity, our brewers have combined NZH101, a hop with lime, mandarin and subtle tropical characters, with the juicy orange aroma of the Pacifica™ hop to create another summer hazy.
The addition of Motueka hops carry lemon and lime, with a whisper of stonefruit throughout.

5.6% ABV

SUnny Dayz Haze

December 2021

May the days of summer be long, sunny and hazy as… you’ve earnt it.
Kick-back and kick-on with Sprig + Fern Brewing Co.’s new Limited Release.  Well, kinda new. This one’s a little bit special, because it’s back by popular demand.
Our brewers couldn’t resist your calls to bring back Sunny Dayz Haze. Punchy, fruity and refreshing, with citrus and sweet aromatics, makes for a lush summer hazy.

6% ABV



Mango + Lime CIder


Festivals are off – but summer is on! Since we can’t take our famous Mango + Lime Cider out and about, we’re bringing it to a Tavern near you this summer!  

That’s right, you heard it here first. Usually exclusive to festivals, our 4% Mango + Lime Cider is about to be released into the wild!

Our team has packed the sweetness of magdalena mango and the subtle balance of lime juice into this fresh, juicy and delicious fruit cider.

Get it on tap while you can.

4.0% ABV



You're on the beach, chilly-bin stacked to the max, the suns out and a beer in hand.
Introducing Sprig + Fern Brewing Co.’s latest Limited Release, It Slaps Hazy, 5.2%, brewed with NZH101 and NZH102 hops.
NZH101, an advanced trial hop brings huge notes of citrus, lime and mandarin with subtle tropical characters to this hazy. NZH102, also an experimental hop adds lush berry aromatics.
The result? A sesh hazy, summer banger, that absolutely slaps!

Be Right Back IPA

October 2021

Introducing Limited Release; Be Bright Back, to transport you straight to the front gate of the many NZ craft beer festivals lined up for this summer – we know they’ll pull through…

5.7% ABV

Sprig and Fern's Dockside Imperial Porter tap badge artwork

Imperial Porter

October 2021

Introducing Sprig + Fern Brewing Co.’s latest Limited Release, Dockside Imperial Porter. Our brewers have nailed this style, with an extremely rich, malty sweetness in flavor and aroma, this beer is mouth-filling and has a smooth finish. Dark, with a hint of chocolate, plenty of coffee roastiness and an 8% abv to boot.

8.0% ABV

Sprig and Fern's Day For It Hazy limited release beer tap badge



To celebrate the onset of warmer beer drinking weather, meet Sprig and Fern Brewing Co.'s latest Limited Release, Day For It Hazy. The wonderfully fruity flavours of the Mosaic hop in this hazy brings to your tastebuds mango, citrus and herbs, as well as tropical and stonefruit notes.

5.6% ABV