The logo of NZ Hops' Bract Brewing Programme

We are immensely proud to have been selected by NZ Hops Ltd as an exclusive member of their Bract Brewing Programme.

This means that Master Brewer, Tracy Banner and our brewing team are amongst a select group of brewers from across the world who are given advanced access to new, experimental hop varietals. We are tasked with brewing and commercially releasing beers that use these trial hops, provide sensory and other feedback along the way.

These unique, occasionally world-first brews will also be made available to the public through Sprig + Fern Taverns, supermarkets and our online store. Customers are also invited to provide feedback which, alongside our own, is used to help further develop these trial hops.

Previous trial hops that have since graduated the Bract Brewing Programme include the incredibly popular Nectaron®, and more recently Superdelic™ (formerly NZH-102). Keep this page bookmarked to learn about any new or upcoming releases from the Programme!


Tap badge for Sprig and Fern's Encore ft NZH-106 NZIPA with trial NZ Hops

Have you tried Encore ft NZH-106 NZIPA, Hidden Gem Hazy, or another of our beers using a trial hop? We need your notes!

Help NZ Hops Ltd and Bract Brewing shape the future of their experimental hops by filling in the consumer feedback survey below, sharing your thoughts on flavour, aroma and more.

Haven’t had a chance to try these beers quite yet? Fear not, you can pick up a 440ml can or 888ml bottle online, in select stores nationwide or on tap at all Sprig + Fern Taverns for a limited time.