Whether it’s a wedding, a milestone birthday, a corporate function or just a casual get-together, treat your guests to award-winning Sprig + Fern craft beer and cider, fresh from the tap, by hiring a keg from us!

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We like to keep it simple and we’re more than happy to talk you through your options and the process.

In short, just choose your favourite product from the Sprig + Fern range, we’ll fill a keg with your selection and supply you with everything you need; the keg, a pouring system, gas and instructions. Setup takes as little as ten minutes before you’re pouring beer and cider that’ll ensure your event is one to remember!

If you have any questions or would like to make an enquiry, touch base with Kathryn on 03 544 8675, send her an email directly or use the form below.

N.B. At this time we’re only able to offer keg hire in the Nelson Tasman regions. Those in Christchurch are encouraged to contact Sprig + Fern Merivale, who offer keg hire within the Canterbury region.


Q: Is it difficult to set up?
A: No, we provide everything you need and an easy-to-use cheat sheet. Once set up, all you do is top your ice up every couple of hours if needed.

Q: What if I can’t get through the full keg?
A: We have 1.25L riggers available to purchase upon pickup, so anything your guests don’t get through on the night, you can bottle to enjoy later. You also have the option of either 50L or 25L kegs.

Q: How much sooner before my event do I need to book?
A: Certain times of year can be quite busy for bookings and given we also need to thoroughly clean and check equipment between bookings, the earlier the better.

Q: What if I want a range of products?
A: We’re more than happy to supply a range of cans, bottles or riggers as an alternative to a keg (or in addition to!) – just let us know what you’re after, or we’re happy to make some suggestions if you’re not sure where to start.

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Ready to discuss your next event? Contact Kathryn on 03 544 8675, send her an email or get in touch via the form below. A reminder that at this time we can only hire kegs and equipment to events in the Nelson and Tasman regions. Thanks for understanding.

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