Sprig and Fern's Apple Cider tap badge

Apple Cider

A medium cider traditionally made using a variety
of Nelson-grown apples. Very refreshing with
easy drinkability.

5.4% ABV


Following a trio of limited release hits, Awesome Mix WCIPA has been inducted into our core range! The newest mix takes cues from each of its earlier iterations, delivering a massive, hoppy hit from the all-American hops used, with bold notes of pine resin, twisted citrus peel, ripe tropical and stone fruit, and a pleasing hint of herbs.

6.3% ABV

Berry Cider

Tarty, vibrant and moreish... just a few words we've heard used to describe our award-winning and fan-favourite Berry Cider. Berry Cider is lovingly crafted by mixing our traditionally made, medium apple cider with a selection of berry fruit juices to create a refreshing and mouthwatering taste sensation.

4.5% ABV


Best Bitter blends five speciality malts to give the ideal balance of sweetness, providing well rounded toffee and biscuit characteristics. This is in combination with just the right amount of hops to accent the bitterness, and give a fruity, earthy aroma without dominating this malt-driven beer.

4.8% ABV


When you want to go deep and rich… there’s nothing like six quality malts to get you there. Combining them with Fuggle hops has created a Scotch Ale with pronounced caramel, coffee and chocolate notes, and a full-bodied smoothness that is second to none.

6.5% ABV

Chasing Hazy

Our brewers have crafted a juicy hop bomb, that delivers big on the citrus, passionfruit and stone-fruit notes. Sitting at 5.2%, it’s thirst-quenching and easy-drinking, but brings you that unmistakable hazy flavour and mouthfeel – a distinctively soft, smooth body and just the right amount of bitterness.

5.2% ABV

The tap badge for Sprig and Fern's Fern Lager Low Carb Lager craft beer


Our classic kiwi style golden lager is extremely easy drinking. It has a delicate fruity aroma and a good balance of malt sweetness and bitterness. A certified classic - and a customer favourite.

4.0% ABV


This English Classic is brewed with Fuggle hops, which lend soft, woody, and earthy flavours with a distinctive floral aroma. It's a well-balanced drop with a medium hop bitterness that perfectly complements the malt base.

5.0% ABV


Smooth and refreshing! Our non-alcoholic ginger beer has a medium ginger spice that lingers in your mouth for just the right length of time.
0.0% ABV


This velvety dark ale brings tantalising layers of chocolate, coffee and liquorice together in a rich, full-bodied and classically elegant way. For the ultimate flavour and finish, let it warm to 6-8°C.

5.0% ABV


An enticing fusion of ginger, lemon and cider, for a sensory rollercoaster that's equal parts warming, zesty and refreshing, rounded out by a subtle sweetness that demands another sip.

4.0% ABV

Grown Up Lemonade

A vodka-based lemonade seltzer made with real lemon juice, which gives a fresh citrus bite. This one’s for grown-ups only!

4.0% ABV


Combining the intense sweetness of magdalena mango with a subtle balance of lime juice, we’ve created a fresh, juicy and delicious fruit cider – the perfect drop for when the sun is shining and something thirst-quenching is on the cards. Mango + Lime Cider is a Festival and Tavern best-seller, and multi-award-winner.

4.0% ABV

Nectaron® Pale Ale

Seventeen years in the making, the Nectaron® hop is proving a hit with brewers worldwide – and with one sip of our Nectaron Pale Ale, you’ll soon see why. Nectaron brings intensely tropical characteristics to a brew, alongside citrus and stone fruit. Added to our Pale Ale, it delivers a juicy and sessionable flavour that is sure to delight the senses.

5.4% ABV


Brewed with a combination of five speciality malts, with the addition of cacao nibs bringing a luscious chocolate aromatic and flavour. This creamy chocolate beer is smooth and silky, right to the last drop.

5.0% ABV


Pinner Pilsner is an aromatic, crisp, and hop-forward New Zealand Pilsner, sitting at a sessionable 4.8% ABV. A great example of what a New Zealand style Pilsner should be, showcasing crisp citrus and juicy tropical fruit characters.

4.8% ABV

Tasman Reserve PREMIUM LAGER

A lager like no other, Tasman Reserve – or ‘Tassie’ – features five carefully selected hops for a bigger, bolder and more balanced premium lager with a generous fruity aroma, a citrus and passionfruit flavour and a smooth, hoppy finish.

6.5% ABV


This golden, refreshing beer conjures up a fruity hop aroma, supported by a good malt balance. We’ve left behind the high hop bitterness of a typical pilsner, to create an easy-drinking (and award-winning) style. Extremely sessionable, The O.G. Pilsner has earned itself a solid reputation in our core range.

5.0% ABV


Wingmate is our non-alcoholic hazy IPA and delivers everything you love about craft beer, with none of the alcohol. Our brewers have cracked the recipe to craft a truly smashable drop, with a pleasant hoppy aromatic from the combination of Idaho 7 and Nectaron hops used within.

<0.5% ABV