The O.G. Pilsner 1.25L

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It’s the test of time that truly defines a classic, and our original pilsner is exactly that.

This golden, refreshing beer conjures up a fruity hop aroma, supported by a good malt balance. We’ve left behind the high hop bitterness of a typical pilsner, to create an easy-drinking (and award-winning) style. Extremely sessionable, The O.G. Pilsner has earned itself a solid reputation in our core range.

Like a classic car on a long, straight road, this beer is as reliable as they come. The O.G. Pilsner is available on tap at all Sprig + Fern Taverns, as an 888ml bottle, and right here in a 1.25L rigger.

5.0% ABV1.25L

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Brewmasters comments:

This refreshing premium lager is medium hopped with a fresh flavour, a golden hue and a moderate fruity hop aroma. Balanced malt sweetness and a softer hop aftertaste gives this award winning beer a smoother finish. Strictly speaking, our Pilsner is actually a New Zealand Premium Lager, as it doesn’t have the higher hop bitterness on the aftertaste typical of the Pilsner style. Enjoy at 2-4ºC.


Made with only natural ingredients: two hops, malts, water and yeast. Contains no additives.

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