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Tracey Sprig & Fern.

Tracy has been in the Brewing Industry nearly four decades, starting her career in England at brewing giants Greenalls and Bass.

Moving to NZ in 1994, Tracy was very much part of the craft beer revolution in her role as Head Brewer for Mac’s in the mid to late 90’s and she was the first female in history to run the iconic Speight’s Brewery in Dunedin as Brewery Manager and Head Brewer.

Tracy now owns and is the Master Brewer of Sprig + Fern Brewing Co. There are 13 owner operated Taverns and one Little Sprig venue currently under the Sprig + Fern brand with a continued view to expansion.

Dubbed the ‘Mother of NZ Brewing’, Tracy has been recognised for her services to the Brewery Industry which include imparting knowledge and training to the brewing community and judging nationally and internationally. Tracy also works with industry bodies using her exceptional sensory skills giving tasting notes on new hop cultivars.

In 2019, Tracy was awarded a second Brewers Guild of New Zealand honour, a Honorary Fellowship to add to her 2014 Honorary Member accolade.  This is the Guild’s highest honour and is awarded sparingly to recognise the high level of achievement of individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the Brewers Guild of New Zealand.