Sprig + Fern Brewing Co. is an acclaimed brewery based on Beach Road, Richmond, in the Tasman district of New Zealand.

Led by Master Brewer, Tracy Banner, Sprig + Fern offers a core range of craft beers, ciders and seltzers, many of which have claimed awards at leading competitions nationally and internationally (some on multiple occasions!), alongside regular limited release beers which showcase a range of styles and flavours – whether from the latest specialty malts, new and exciting hop varietals, or innovative brewing methods.

Those eager to try the range can do so at one of the fifteen Sprig + Fern or Little Sprig Taverns, which are nestled in communities in Nelson, Tasman, Wellington and Christchurch. Additionally, Sprig + Fern products are available online and at leading stores nationwide.


The Sprig and Fern brewing team of Callum Duncan, Alex Paxton and Tracy Banner
Sprig and Fern senior brewer Callum Duncan packing cans
Sprig and Fern trainee brewer Alex Paxton hard at work
The Sprig and Fern brewing team of Callum Duncan, Alex Paxton and Tracy Banner

Every batch of Sprig + Fern beer is hand-crafted with a level of care and attention to quality that has earned us a solid reputation amongst craft beer drinkers, critics and judges right throughout New Zealand.

Tracy Banner heads the team, bringing forty years of brewing experience to the role. She is ably assisted by senior brewer Callum Duncan, a sixth-generation brewer from the Duncan family; and Joe Banner, the second generation brewer in the Banner family.

Our brewing philosophy is simple: we use the best ingredients and work hard to ensure quality and consistency.

We utilise hops from all over the world and have excellent access to local farms for the freshest hops at harvest time. Our cider apples are sourced locally, and our malts come from quality suppliers in South Canterbury, Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA to ensure our beers are stylistically correct and providing the best colour and flavour possible. We use the local town water supply, which is extremely good quality for beer and cider production.

Our beers and ciders are produced using all-natural ingredients and are unpasteurised to retain their full flavour. We encourage you to keep our beers well-refrigerated to maintain the high quality and optimal freshness.


The Sprig + Fern Brewing Co. team is spread across a number of departments (and locations), each playing their part to bring award-winning craft beers, ciders and seltzers to those who appreciate them most!

Our packaging and warehouse teams consist of Jannes, Nick, Adam and Renel, who ensure our beers are expertly packaged in to kegs, cans, bottles and riggers, stored appropriately and delivered promptly to eager customers.

Our sales team includes Jeff, Kathryn, Cameron, Troy and Ben, who make Sprig + Fern products available in as many locations as possible.

Others include our accountant Lois who crunches our numbers, Nicky who keeps our accounts in line, and Daniel who manages our marketing and communications.

Jannes van Staden from the Sprig and Fern Brewing Co team
Nick McGrane from the Sprig and Fern Brewing Co team
Lois Lester from the Sprig and Fern Brewing Co team
Joe Banner from the Sprig and Fern Brewing Co team
Kathryn Banner from the Sprig and Fern Brewing Co team
Cameron Banner from the Sprig and Fern Brewing Co team
Daniel Tipping from the Sprig and Fern Brewing Co team


Sprig and Fern Milton Street Tavern

A Sprig + Fern Tavern is the perfect place to get a taste of the beers, ciders and seltzers our team have carefully crafted.

We are incredibly proud to have our beer pouring in fifteen Sprig + Fern Taverns situated around the country; three in Nelson, six in Tasman, one in Christchurch, and five in Wellington.

Each Tavern is independently owned and operated, and firmly embedded in the community they’re located – getting behind various causes, sports teams, community groups and more.

Keen to be a part of the Sprig + Fern story? Check for vacancies in our team, or learn more about owning a Sprig + Fern Tavern.