Sprig + Fern Aiming For A Headliner At NZIPA Challenge

A board listing all of the beers at the Smith's NZIPA Challenge

Sitting centre of the board, as beer number fifteen of the thirty-six New Zealand style IPA’s listed, the Sprig + Fern team are hoping their entry in to the 2024 Smith’s NZIPA Challenge will secure them a number one finish.

The entry is something of a return of an old favourite – a hazy version of 2023’s popular Headliner NZIPA, the world’s first commercially available brew to contain the experimental hop NZH-106 from the Bract Brewing Programme.

Tracy Banner, the brewery’s owner and master brewer is attending the annual event in Queenstown and feels that this year’s submission is one of the strongest yet, saying:

“We’ve entered some great beers in the past, but I really do think this year we have a strong entry. Headliner and its follow-up, Encore, were both terrific beers – but as a hazy it’s a whole new experience that I think will be a hit”.

The winners of the NZIPA Challenge are to be announced tomorrow night, with Headliner Hazy NZIPA making its way to Sprig + Fern Taverns from Wednesday 26 June.

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