Monohoppily Marks Sprig’s First Fresh Hop Drop For Harvest ’24

The artwork for Sprig and Fern's Monohoppily Fresh Hop Hazy Pale Ale craft beer

Swept up in the excitement of the fresh hop harvest, Sprig + Fern Brewing Co. have today released their first fresh hop beer for the year; a single-hopped hazy pale ale.

Monohoppily Fresh Hop Hazy follows in the footsteps of the previous two year’s releases; Trifecta Fresh Hop Hazy, which was brewed with the three varieties of Pacifica™, Taiheke™ and Motueka™, and Duhoppily Fresh Hop Hazy’s Pacifica™ and Riwaka™. Monohoppily Fresh Hop Hazy singles out just one variety – fresh Riwaka™, hand-selected from Holmdale Farm in Wakefield and Mac Hops in Motueka.

As with all of Sprig + Fern’s fresh hop releases new and old, timing is a key element to the success of the brew. As explained by Daniel Tipping, Marketing + Communications Executive at Sprig + Fern Brewing Co.;

“The hop harvest is when we feel most lucky to be based where we are. [Owner and Master Brewer] Tracy can be out at the farm, hands on with the growers and their crop, harvesting, and back to the Brewery in a matter of minutes – which, as we know, is key to capturing all of those more-ish and sought-after ‘fresh’ flavours.

“Other than a couple sets of roadworks between here and Motueka, I reckon it all went pretty smoothly. Maybe next year we’ll see if we can get a police escort, in exchange for a few cans”.

Monohoppily Fresh Hop Hazy is available from today at all Sprig + Fern Taverns, as well as in leading stores nationwide and online through the Sprig + Fern website.

The beer is described as “silky-smooth, jam-packed with notes of perfectly sun-ripened grapefruit flesh and citrus peel, and carries an unmistakable and explosive ‘green’ freshness” which promises the drinker an experience “that’ll whisk you right away to the sensory spectacle of a fresh hop harvest”.

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