Sprig + Fern Thrive with Four of Five in Melbourne

Kathryn Banner in the Sprig and Fern Cellar Door with a bottle of The G.O.A.T Doppelbock, Broken Axe Scotch Ale, a can of Best Bitter and Norty Porter - all winners of medals at the Australian International Beer Awards

Sprig + Fern Brewing Co. are celebrating their latest slew of award wins this morning, with four medals won at last night’s Australian International Beer Awards.

These included a silver medal for Broken Axe Scotch Ale, and bronze medals for Best Bitter, Norty Porter and The G.O.A.T Doppelbock. All four of these beers also medalled at the Melbourne-based beer competition in 2023.

Tracy Banner, Owner + Master Brewer at Sprig + Fern Brewing Co. said:

“Being recognised at an international competition like this is such a huge pat on the back to our brewing and packaging teams for the hard work they put in every day.

“For four of the five beers entered to come away with a medal – coincidentally, the same four beers as last year – tells us we’re doing something right, and we’re hitting the quality and consistency we aim for”.

The competition, which attracts hundreds of entries from Australia, New Zealand and further abroad, was judged in Melbourne between May 7 and 10, with Tracy, in attendance as a Table Captain.

On her return to New Zealand, she says she was “blown away” by the quality of the beers judged.

For those keen to try the award-winning brews, Best Bitter is the most readily available, permanently on tap at all Sprig + Fern Taverns and also available in a 440ml can and 1.25L rigger. The G.O.A.T Doppelbock – the Brewery’s highest awarded beer – will also be made available on tap soon for a limited time, as well as in 440ml cans and 888ml bottles. Broken Axe Scotch Ale and Norty Porter are available in a 888ml bottle and 440ml can, respectively.

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