Sprig + Fern Quizzes Contribute Commendably To The Community

A packed house at a Sprig and Fern The Meadows quiz night

Following a year of fundraising quizzes, Sprig + Fern Taverns are estimated to have raised several hundreds of thousands of dollars for the local community.

Nearly all of the fifteen Taverns spread across Nelson, Tasman, Wellington and Christchurch host a regular quiz night, inviting customers to their venue for an entertaining evening of trivia, with the entry fee and additional fundraising going towards various community causes.

Sprig + Fern, and the Sprig + Fern Taverns, have community as one of their core values – the quiz nights have grown to become one of the main ways the Taverns live up to this. Funds are typically raised through the quiz entry fee, and groups are often present with a raffle or other fund-gathering initiative.

With most quizzes running from around February to early December, the quiz ‘season’ has recently ended and many Taverns have been able to assess their contribution from the year. Sprig + Fern Brewing Co. are estimating that in 2023, as much as $250,000 may have been given back to local groups, causes and organisations.

One of the newest Sprig + Fern Taverns, Sprig + Fern The Meadows, announced in early December that they raised the handsome sum of $27,568 for the community through their quiz nights. Sprig + Fern Brightwater followed, with a total in excess of $23,000. Others estimate raising between $500-$1,500 per quiz, with some hosting weekly events, others fortnightly or monthly.

The range of causes that benefit from the events is widely varied, and often specific to the local area. Sprig + Fern Upper Queen, for example, supported causes ranging from Nelson Tasman Hospice, Richmond Toy Library, Natureland, and Richmond Tap Dancers, among others.

The quizzes are hosted by a mixture of Tavern staff, fundraising groups, or dedicated quizmasters, and have become a well-known and beloved part of the Tavern experience. Sprig + Fern Motueka say that, on their busiest weeks, they often have around 23 teams competing – around 130 people.

While quiz nights take a brief hiatus over the busy summer months for most Taverns, those interested in attending, getting involved, or enquiring about how a quiz night might benefit a cause they’re involved with, can contact any of the fifteen Sprig + Fern and Little Sprig Taverns via the Sprig + Fern website.

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