A Great Day for Sprig + Fern at Great Kiwi Beer Festival

A Festival cup of Sprig + Fern craft beer at Great Kiwi Beer Festival in Christchurch

Albeit slightly exhausted from a day of hot wind and heavy traffic at Christchurch’s Hagley Park, the Sprig + Fern Brewing Co. team are back in great spirits following Great Kiwi Beer Festival.

The event, which attracted thousands of people, ran from 11am to 7pm on Saturday – with a forecast of wall-to-wall sunshine, Christchurch’s infamous nor’wester, and temperatures in the high twenties. In other words, perfect weather for a cold beverage.

Sprig + Fern was one of dozens of breweries in attendance, and brought their signature lineup of certified crowd-pleasers. These included Grown Up Lemonade, Mango + Lime Cider, Berry Cider, The O.G. Pilsner, and the limited release Wai-iti Ultra Session Lager and Haze of the People #2.

Unsurprisingly, Sprig + Fern’s Marketing + Communications Executive, Daniel Tipping, reported that “Grown Up Lemonade was the superstar on the day. Given the intensity of the heat and wind, people seemed genuinely stoked to find something easy-drinking and refreshing. This definitely wasn’t an day for big and bold beverages!”

Great Kiwi Beer Festival was the fourth Festival in Sprig + Fern’s schedule for summer. Their final Festival for the year will be a fresh hop beer brewed especially for Marchfest, held in Nelson in early April.

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