Sprig + Fern Sees A Dunner Stunner Sell Out

The Sprig and Fern team at the Dunedin Craft Beer and Food Festival

Over two busy days shared with a few thousand eager beer and food fans, Sprig + Fern Brewing Co. enjoyed a full sell-out of their range of craft beer, cider and soda at the Dunedin Craft Beer & Food Festival, held at Forsyth Barr Stadium over the weekend.

The Brewery offered their tried-and-trusted lineup of Grown Up Lemonade, Mango + Lime Cider, Berry Cider, Nectaron® Pale Ale, (the multi-award winning) Best Bitter, and their limited release Hidden Gem Hazy.

Predictably, Grown Up Lemonade was a hit – particularly as, much to the delight of organisers, stallholders and attendees, the first day of the Festival was basked in stunning Otago sunshine from the start. The thirst-quenching, easy drinking and sessionable nature of the 4.0% hard soda with vodka saw the product sell out first, only a few hours into day two of the event.

One-by-one, each of the remaining products trickled out their final drops – until, with around an hour and a half remaining, the Sprig + Fern team turned off the taps and were able to enjoy a beer and a bite of their own, having run out of product.

Daniel Tipping, Marketing + Communications Executive (and part of the behind-the-bar team at the Festival), said:

“These events are always incredible, to see first hand the love people have for our range of products – especially when they keep coming back, bringing friends and family who’ve been told they ‘have to try the… what is it… adult lemonade?’

“To sell out of products, just as we did at NZ Brewers Fest in Upper Hutt a few weeks back, was terrific. We even made sure to bring more than we did in 2022 – the demand just exceeded our expectations.”

Sprig + Fern Brewing Co. now set their sights on their next Festival; Beers at the Basin, held on November 25 at Wellington’s Basin Reserve. Tickets are available here.

Grown Up Lemonade, Mango + Lime Cider, and the rest of Sprig + Fern’s range of award-winning beer, cider and sodas can be enjoyed at Sprig + Fern and Little Sprig Taverns across the country, in select stores nationwide, or from their own online store.

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