Alcoholic Ginger Beer Unveiled By Sprig + Fern

Alex from the Sprig and Fern brewing team holding a rigger of Grown Up Alcoholic Ginger Beer

After months of secrecy, countless hours of research and development, plus multiple trials and taste tests, Sprig + Fern Brewing Co. are delighted to today release an alcoholic ginger beer as the newest addition to their core range of products.

Grown Up Ginger Beer promises to ‘give the unbeatable flavours of Ginger Beer the Grown Up twist’, in a reference to their Grown Up Lemonade, one of the original and best-selling alcoholic lemonade products.

The newly developed product is a fresh take on this formula, bringing an enticing fusion of ginger, lemon and cider – for what the Brewery describes as “a sensory rollercoaster that’s equal parts warming, zesty and refreshing, rounded out by a subtle sweetness that demands another sip.”

Tracy Banner, Owner + Master Brewer at Sprig + Fern Brewing Co., says:

“Most important to us was finding the right balance of flavours for this recipe. We wanted the spiciness and warmth from the root ginger up front, a slight citrus kick from the lemon, and a pleasing sweetness – which the cider base delivers incredibly well.

“We feel very confident that the time spent developing our alcoholic ginger beer shows through the quality of the finished product. It’s very more-ish!”

The product was revealed earlier today through a short video shared to Sprig + Fern’s social media account. The clip follows the ‘top secret’ theme, and follows a presumed spy delivering the first product label to the Sprig + Fern team. Short clips from the launch video were shared across the week prior with a countdown to launch day, aiming to build some mystery around the new product launch.

Grown Up Ginger Beer will become a permanent addition to the core range of products available at Sprig + Fern Taverns, and is also available in a 1.25L rigger at supermarkets and liquor stores, as well as the Sprig + Fern online store.

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