Sprig + Fern Fantasy Football League Returns

John from Sprig and Fern Berhampore shaking hands with regular Nick, who won the Sprig and Fern Fantasy Football league in 2023

With the Premier League only a week away from returning, Sprig + Fern Brewing Co. is urging football fans to get involved with their Fantasy Invitational League, which is returning for 2023/2024.

The Sprig + Fern League recently ended a very popular season which saw football fans (and Tavern regulars) competing for the monthly prizes – and all important bragging rights – that came with the claiming first place at the end of each month’s competition.

The returning format is unchanged for the new season, but brings additional prizes including a limited-edition, League-winners-only, printed Nonic pint glass for each month’s winner. This is alongside a six-pack of the winner’s choosing – which proved very popular in 2022/2023.

The overall League winner at the conclusion of the competition will win a customised piece of merchandise, much as Sprig + Fern Berhampore regular Nick did earlier this year.

Those interested in joining the League can sign up here, or by using the joining code: kwtgxb.

Once signed up, the Brewery is recommending making themselves known to their local Sprig + Fern Tavern, so as to be able to collect any prizes throughout the competition.

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