Sprig + Fern’s Latest Limited Release Adds Some Sunshine To The Winter

Sprig and Fern's Day For It Hazy design

With one of our most beloved designs to date, Day For It Hazy is making a return to add a little sunshine to the winter.

The beer, first brewed in September 2021, features the same combination of Mosaic and Motueka hops – delivering a hit of herbiness, as well as a platter of crisp citrus, juicy mango, tropical and stone fruit flavours.

Day For It Hazy was notable for being the first limited release beer to carry the current Sprig + Fern branding, and as such a bold, bright design was chosen. This design became well-loved by the team, Taverns and customers, so was selected to make a return.

Sprig + Fern’s Marketing + Communications Executive, Daniel Tipping, says:

“There’s no doubt people are feeling the winter right now – between the cost of things, illnesses doing the rounds, and just generally being bit dark and gloomy around the shortest days of the year, we hope this Limited Release adds a little brightness to the season.

“It’s fun, playful imagery – and, to be fair, sunshine and blue skies aren’t something reserved for the summertime only. At time of writing, if I look out the window, it’s a Day For It today!”

Day For It Hazy is available from today in the thirteen Sprig + Fern Taverns in Wellington, Nelson, Tasman and Christchurch, as well as at Little Sprig Seatoun. It will be released in 440ml cans and 888ml bottles in select stores nationwide, and through the Sprig + Fern online shop, next week (alongside our next limited release… watch this space).

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