Sprig + Fern’s Grown Up Lemonade Range Has Grown

Sprig and Fern's new Grown Up Lemonade range of products

An ever-popular choice at Sprig + Fern Taverns, our much-loved Grown Up Lemonade has expanded to include two exciting – and, might we say quite delicious – new flavours.

Grown Up Lemonade + Mango and Grown Up Lemonade + Mixed Berry bring a delightful and colourful new twist to Sprig + Fern’s range of non-beer products, one that we’re sure will be a hit for those looking for something other than the usual award-winning craft beer or cider.

Both new products benefit from an existing base of Grown Up Lemonade, a vodka-based lemonade seltzer made with real lemon juice. Grown Up Lemonade + Mango brings an intense juiciness from the addition of magdalena mango, while Grown Up Lemonade + Mixed Berry brings a balance of sweet and tart that can only come from a combination of ripe and rich berry fruits.

Sitting at a sessionable 4.0% ABV, the full Grown Up Lemonade range is available from today in 330ml six packs of cans at leading liquor stores and via the Sprig + Fern website and cellar door.

Both Grown Up Lemonade and Grown Up Lemonade + Mango are also available at the thirteen Sprig + Fern Taverns in Nelson, Tasman, Wellington and Christchurch, and Little Sprig in Wellington.

Grown Up Lemonade + Mango succeeds Mango + Lime Cider in Taverns, which proved to be a popular addition for the summer months – and as such, remains available to purchase in six packs.

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