Broken Axe Scotch Ale Craft Beer 1.25L

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When you want to go deep and rich…there’s nothing like SIX quality malts to get you there. Combining them with Fuggle hops has created a Scotch Ale with pronounced caramel, coffee and chocolate notes. A full-bodied smoothness that is second to none enjoyed at 6-8°C.

6.5% ABV1.25L


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• Silver – Australian International Beer Awards 2014
• Silver – Australian International Beer Awards 2012
• Silver – Brewers Guild of New Zealand Beer Awards 2011

Brewmasters comments:
This is a complex beer, and a really enjoyable challenge to brew. As with many things in life, it all comes down to getting the preparation right – in this case the proper milling and proportions of the different malts is vitally important to the quality of the finished product. We use 6 malts, 5 of which are specialty malts which add specific characteristics to the brew; for example, Crystal malt gives nice caramel, toffee notes, whilst Smoked malt imparts a very delicate smokiness which is noticeable when the Ale is served at 6-8ºC.

Our Traditional Scotch Ale is made with only natural ingredients: hops, 6 malts, water and yeast. It contains no additives.

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