Grizzly Porter Craft Beer 1.25L

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This velvety dark ale brings tantalising layers of
chocolate, coffee and liquorice together in a rich,
full-bodied and classically elegant way. For the
ultimate flavour and finish, let it warm to 6-8°C

5.0% ABV1.25L


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Product Enquiry

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• Bronze – Brewers Guild of New Zealand Beer Awards 2014
• Bronze – Brewers Guild of New Zealand Beer Awards 2013
• Silver – Australian International Beer Awards 2012

Brewmasters comments:
We use five speciality malts in addition to a Pale base malt. This beer is best consumed at 6-8°C, because at the right temperature, the Porter will deliver an fine array of flavours such as coffee, liquorice, caramel and chocolate which derive from the use of Crystal, Caramalt and Chocolate malts.

Brown Porter is made with only natural ingredients: malts, hops, water and yeast. It contains no additives.

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