Summer beer? Sorted. We have combined the spicy, lemony notes of lemongrass with the popular citrus-dominant Nelson Sauvin hop. To keep it light, we’ve used a wheat malt for a lighter body. The result…a refreshing, light summer beer with a distinctive citrus zing. Enjoy our latest limited release, Lemongrass Wheat on tap at Sprig & Fern Taverns Wednesday 16 December.

5.0% ABV

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Our Range

CREME OF THE HOP Nectaron® Pale Ale

17 years in the making, NZ Hops newly launched Nectaron® hop is a hit with brewers around the world. Nectaron® has intensely tropical, citrus and stonefruit characteristics – perfect for our Strong Pale Ale..

5.7% ABV

Chasing Hazy

Our brewers have created this juicy hop bomb that delivers citrus, passionfruit and stone-fruit flavours. Chasing Hazy is distinctively soft with a smooth body and just the right amount of bitterness.

5.2% ABV


Our classic kiwi style golden lager is extremely easy drinking. It has a delicate fruity aroma and a good balance of malt sweetness and bitterness.

4.0% ABV


The original Sprig + Fern Brewing Co. Pilsner. This golden, refreshing beer conjures up a fruity hop aroma, supported by a good malt balance. We’ve left the high hop bitterness of a typical pilsner behind, to create an easy-drinking (and awardwinning) style.

5.0% ABV



Local Pinner is an aromatic, crisp, and hopforward New Zealand Pilsner. Local Pinner is the exemplar, showcasing citrus and tropical fruit characters.

4.8% ABV

Tasman Reserve PREMIUM LAGER

A lager like no other and world-famous in New Zealand. Tasman Reserve features five carefully selected hops for a bigger, bolder and more balanced premium lager with a generous fruityaroma, a citrus and passionfruit flavour and a smooth, hoppy finish.

6.5% ABV


Smooth and refreshing! Our non-alcoholic ginger beer has a medium ginger spice that lingers in your mouth for just the right amount of time.


Brewed traditionally to style, with summer days  and beers at the bach in mind, our NZ Pale Ale is brewed with NZ hops and has a wonderful fruity aroma, with tropical and citrus notes.

5.0% ABV


This English Classic is brewed with Fuggle
hops - giving soft, woody, earthy flavours
and a distinctive floral aroma. Well-balanced,
with a medium hop bitterness that perfectly
complements the malt base
5.0% ABV


Our Alpha American Pale Ale is the leader of the
pack. Featuring big wonderful US hops; Chinook,
Cascade and a couple of others. Our brew team
has packed so much flavour into this APA, with
citrus, floral, and wonderful pine characteristics.

5.0% ABV


We’ve used an abundance of US hops , chosen for
the characteristics that all good WCIPAs should
boast: bittering, flavor and aroma. Dry hopped
in the fermenter this beer has floral, piney and
citrus notes

5.9% ABV

Sailor's Warning


Deep red in colour and packed with copious
amounts of NZ hops, giving bold citrus and
tropical notes typical of an IPA. The biscuit,
toasted and caramel malt flavours finish this beer
off wonderfully.

6.0% ABV


This velvety dark ale brings tantalising layers of
chocolate, coffee and liquorice together in a rich,
full-bodied and classically elegant way. For the
ultimate flavour and finish, let it warm to 6-8°C.

5.0% ABV

Grown Up Lemonade

A vodka-based lemonade seltzer made with real lemon juice, which gives a fresh citrus bite. This one’s for grown-ups only!

4.0% ABV

Apple Cider

A medium cider traditionally made using a variety
of Nelson-grown apples. Very refreshing with
easy drinkability.

5.7% ABV

Berry Cider

Tarty, vibrant and moreish. Made by mixing our
apple cider with a selection of berry fruit juices,
our berry cider is… lush. A refreshing and mouthwatering taste sensation. A classic.

4.5% ABV