This medium bodied American Pale Ale has been brewed with US Chinook (pronounced shin-ook) hops and copious amounts of the popular US Cascade hop imparting typical citrus, floral and pine characteristics.

Best enjoyed at 4–6 °C

5.0% ABV

Brewmaster’s Comments

We first brewed our American Pale Ale (A.P.A.) in 2014 as a limited release in conjunction with the Nelson ArtExpo’s People’s Choice Art Award. We featured the winning artwork by Nikki Romney on our rigger label and the A.P.A was also available on tap.

The beer found a niche in our range and we received many requests for it to be more widely available. Given that it sits so nicely beside our English IPA , Brown Porter and Scotch Ale we have decided to make it permanently available in both keg and 1.3 litre riggers.

Tasting Notes

This medium bodied APA has been brewed with US Chinook and copious amounts of the popular US Cascade hop giving citrus, floral and pine characteristics that these American hop varieties are known for. A portion of the hops were added during fermentation which is not uncommon for this style of beer.


APA is available online, in supermarkets and liquor stores in 1.25L PET Riggers.

Our Range


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As smooth as a Nelson sunset…

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Brewed as an English Best Bitter style, the combination of five malts gives Sprig & Fern’s British Best the ideal balance of malt sweetness. The addition of Crystal and Caramalt provides well-rounded toffee and biscuit characteristics.

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Brewing traditionally to style, our NZ Pale Ale is brewed with NZ hops and a wonderful fruity aroma and flavour with a tropical and citrus notes.

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Fresh & Earthy

This English Classic is brewed with Fuggle hops - giving soft, woody, earthy flavours and a distinctive floral aroma. The hops might be Fuggly…but the beer is beautiful! Well-balanced, with a medium hop bitterness that perfectly complements the malt base.

5.0% ABV


Spicy & Floral

We’ve made American Pale Ale great again! Really big wonderful hops…Chinook hops…US Cascade Hops, so many hops…So much flavour, citrus, floral, wonderful pine characteristics. Let it warm to 4– 6°C and you’ll climb a wall for another one.

5.0% ABV

West Coast IPA

Bold & Hoppy

We’ve used an abundance of US hops to craft this hop forward West Coast IPA. Dry hopped in the fermenter, this beer displays a moderate floral, piney and citrus aroma and flavour which are typical of American hops.

5.9% ABV


Hearty & Magnificent

Deep red in colour and packed with copious amounts of NZ hops giving bold citrus and tropical notes typical of an IPA. The biscuit, toasted and caramel malt flavours finish this beer off wonderfully.

6.0% ABV


Dark & Smooth

Once you go black, you can’t go back. This velvety dark ale brings tantalising layers of chocolate, coffee and liquorice together in a rich, full-bodied and classically elegant way. For the ultimate flavour and finish, let it warm to 6-8°C…and see why it’s worth waiting for.

5.0% ABV

Scotch Ale

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When you want to go deep and rich...there’s nothing like SIX quality malts to get you there. Combining them with Fuggle hops has created a Scotch Ale with pronounced caramel, coffee and chocolate notes. A full-bodied smoothness that is second to none enjoyed at 6-8°C.

6.5% ABV

Apple Cider

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A medium sweet cider traditionally made using Nelson grown apples. Very refreshing with easy drink-ability.

5.7% ABV

Berry Cider

Full & Fruity

Tarty, vibrant and moreish…This Berry Cider with berry fruit juices is lovingly crafted by mixing apple cider with a selection of berry fruit juices giving this award-winner a refreshing and mouthwatering taste sensation. A Sprig & Fern classic.

4.5% ABV

Grown Up Lemonade

Fresh & Zesty

A Vodka based lemonade made with real lemon juice which gives a fresh citrus bite. This one’s for grown ups only!

4.0% ABV

Chocolate Porter

Smooth & Silky

Brewed with a combination of five malts and featuring luscious chocolate aromatics and flavour, this dark and creamy chocolate beer indulgence is smooth and silky to the last drop.

5.0% ABV