Little Sprig

Little Sprig has eight (8) taps of Sprig & Fern award-winning craft beer & cider and will be a smaller footprint than the traditional Sprig & Fern tavern.

Like all Sprig & Fern venues, the Little Sprig focuses on community and conversation without the inclusion of televisions, pool tables or pokies.

The Sprig & Fern brand is synonymous with community involvement and support and Little Sprig will be no different.

For more information about Little Sprig, click on the links below to visit the Little Sprig’s website or find them on Facebook.

Little Sprig Seatoun

27 Dundas Street, Seatoun, Wellington

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Located just a stone’s throw from the beach in one of Wellington’s most beautiful seaside suburbs, this new Sprig and Fern concept venue may be little, but it is full of flavour.

Cozy, relaxed, and friendly, just like your local should be.