Sprig & Fern Brewery announces Queen St Tavern to change hands

Sprig & Fern bar mat.

The finalisation of the sale, which is intended to occur on the 1st September 2019, will be followed by a brief period of closure allowing for a refurbishment to take place.

The tavern is then expected to reopen under the brand name Sprig & Fern Tavern Upper Queen.

“We are very excited about the acquisition and the ability to focus on bringing the original Sprig & Fern bar back to its former glory” said Lee Brown, Sprig & Fern Brewery General Manager. “We will be retaining all the elements that locals love including twenty (20) taps of Sprig & Fern award-winning craft beer & cider, including multiple limited releases and the new Sprig & Fern nitro offering, so there will always be something new to try when the tavern reopens its doors”.

“The local community has been asking for an upgrade of the bar for some time and we are very pleased to be able to now facilitate this” stated Tracy Banner, Sprig & Fern Brewery owner. “We anticipate this refurbishment will bring the venue more in line with the other 11 bars nationally and are looking forward to watching the community embrace this change”.

Like all Sprig & Fern Taverns, Sprig & Fern Tavern Upper Queen, will focus on community and conversation without the inclusion of televisions, pool tables or pokies. 

Sprig & Fern Tavern Upper Queen was the first bar under the Sprig & Fern brand umbrella.

Sprig & Fern Tavern Upper Queen is expected to close between 1st September for the refurbishment to take place.  Patrons are encouraged to follow the Sprig & Fern Brewery Facebook page for timing updates.

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