Sprig & Fern Brewery announces Sprig & Fern Berhampore

Berhmapore Sprig tavern.

Sprig & Fern Tavern Berhampore will have nineteen (19) taps of Sprig & Fern award-winning craft beer & cider, including multiple limited releases and the new Sprig & Fern nitro offering, so there will always be something new to try.

“I have been looking at expanding with the Sprig & Fern brand for a while but was waiting for the right location” states Lee Fern.  “This site is a great opportunity to take our brand to the Berhampore community and showcase all Sprig & Fern has to offer”.

“We are very excited about the expansion of our venue footprint in the Wellington area” said Lee Brown, Sprig & Fern Brewery General Manager. “With all the community, family friendly environmental elements and great conversation that you come to expect from a Sprig & Fern venue, there are now more options than ever for our Wellington supporters, just in time for Beervana”.

Like all Sprig & Fern Taverns, Sprig & Fern Tavern Berhampore, will focus on community and conversation without the inclusion of televisions, pool tables or pokies. 

Sprig & Fern Tavern Berhampore will become the twelfth bar under the Sprig & Fern brand umbrella and will owned by Lee Fern who also own the very popular Sprig & Fern Tavern in Hardy St, Nelson CBD.

Sprig & Fern Tavern Berhampore is due to open in August 2019.

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